Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I dont really like politics. In fact, a few months ago I kept getting on my husband's case for watching the endless debates, since he's Canadian and cant even vote. I thought that I wouldnt have to think about this issue until November, since Washington State has a caucus, and there was no way I was participating in that. Then the ballot came in the mail (we're a mail-voting state). And I had to make a choice for my primary vote.

I'm a registered Republican. So my choices were limited. Truthfully, I'm tired of the current situation. I voted for President Bush. And believed in his choices. Then became increasingly disillusioned in these last few years.

So, I suddenly had to make a choice between the Republican candidates. Which is hard. I'm a relatively moderate Republican, but I'm a very conservative Christian. These two things are not mutually exclusive, but they make voting hard. I read all the candidates' stance on the issues, and I voted.

Then, today, I read this post. And I took a test online to see who I should vote for, based on my opinions on different issues that are important to me. And I got the results. And they surprised me. And so I took another test. And again, the same results. Results which were for someone who is not in my party. Someone who I'm intrigued by, but who I would have never though of voting for, since that person is on the other side of the aisle.

I'm glad I have until November to figure this out. And maybe things will be more clear tonight, since the person I'm considering voting for might be out of the contest.

Yeah, I need more things in my life to confuse me right now.


Loralee Choate said...

I am already SO ready for this election to be over.

I am not doing cartwheels over anyone.


carrie said...

I was so excited to vote, and now it looks like my vote may actually count since the Super Tuesday results were so close!

carrie said...

Absentee, that is. :)