Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making progress through the week

Today is a pretty good day, so far. And I have 2.5 hours of meetings today, most of which dont require participation, just listening. My favorite type of workday. Ethan's headed off to daycare now- Daniel's taken over the dropping off of the baby, and I'm in charge of picking him up. I definitely get the better end of the deal there.

Yesterday was so incredibly busy, it's almost nice to be working today. Because work means 8+ hours of sitting still. Which doesn't happen on my days off. Ethan had his 6 month check-up yesterday. He's almost up to 15 pounds, and is 26.3 inches in length. We're short in this family and we count every 10th of an inch :) He did really well with his 3 shots and one oral vaccine. They wanted to give him two other shots, but I deferred them to next time.

Then we headed up to a town just north of Seattle to meet someone at a mall up there so that I could buy a small breast pump. Found it on craigslist, and got a good deal. I'm going to be taking my Medela double electric pump to work, but wanted something to have here as a backup for weekends and my days off, if I need it. Ethan and I finished up our Valentine's Day shopping at the mall- I got his daddy a few small things, and he got a gift for one of his girlfriends, since we have a playdate scheduled for tomorrow.

After that we came home and I made a bunch of baby food- peas pureed in the blender. Nice neon green sludge- I cant believe he ate it. And seemed to like it pretty well. Hopefully he'll continue to be a good eater. We also finally got around to lowering the crib, and did about 1 million other small things around the condo. I could really use a few more hours in my day.

So, tomorrow's Valentine's Day. My fourth one with Daniel. We're going to the Greek restaurant across the street, same place we went last year. But this year we'll be a warning to the masses to use birth control, as the baby will be coming to dinner as well. Hopefully he'll be in a good mood.

Okay, I should get back to work.

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