Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's so quiet around here!

Ethan's been home since Friday afternoon, so I'd already forgotten how much quieter the condo is with him gone. Even the cats aren't making much noise this morning.

We haven't done much worth blogging about lately. Daniel and I are pretty much just barely functional these days. Neither of us has anything approaching any level of energy. Thank goodness the baby goes to bed at 6:30, so we can lie around on the couch and be useless after that. My day usually starts around 5 AM these days, so I'm pretty much done mentally by dinnertime.

No resolution to the Comcast thing yet. The account is in Daniel's name, so I'm letting him deal with it. And he's been too busy to call again. Hopefully he'll get around to it today, because calling strangers (and sometimes people I know) is a major phobia of mine.

That's all. I have nothing interesting going on.

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