Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Friday!!!

Ethan had a great date yesterday. He and his little girlfriend are finally at the age where they acknowledge each others' existence, so that was fun for her mommy and I to watch. We also decided yesterday that their dates 15 years from now will still take place in the living room, with us supervising. Seems like a wise plan to us.

We went out to dinner last night after all. And Ethan was well behaved. He just sat quietly in his stroller and stared. There was background music, which he likes. People looked nervous when we walked in, but smiled widely at us when we left, since our child was so well behaved. Actually, the people next to us smiled widely because Daniel and I had depressing conversations the whole time and they wanted us to go away and stop ruining their good evening.

I think I'll be able to say more about the depressing stuff in the future, but cant do so yet. Mostly because we dont know the whole story yet. All I can say now is, it cannot be a good sign if your company literally sells your desk chair (and most of the other office equipment) out from under you, during the work day.

I keep forgetting to talk about my newfound love for the TV show, Monk. I've been watching it in the afternoons while I feed the baby and scurry around trying to get things ready for the evening. It's so funny. I put all the DVDs of past seasons on hold at the library, to get me through when our cable goes away. I think I love the show because I hate dirt, although not to the extent that the main character does. But I about fell off my couch during one episode when Mr. Monk was telling a little boy about nature while walking outside in a park. "We dont touch brances, that's nature and nature's dirty. Nature, dirty, nature dirty." TOTALLY how I feel about the outdoors :)

Have a great weekend!

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Coffeegrl said...

I've been relying on Monk to get me through lots of midnight feedings with my newborn too! And I loved the episode that you referred to with that little boy...