Friday, February 22, 2008


The sun has been shining the entire week, and yet I'm still feeling blah and tired and unmotivated to do anything. Darn it. I'm going to have to start blaming something other than the weather.

Ethan and I did go for a long walk yesterday. On our way home we walked past some pretty purple crocuses which were coming up in the landscaping around a nearby hotel. I love to see the first flowers of the spring, even if we wont have a full-on spring around here until early July. The flowers yesterday reminded me of when I used to live in Ukraine. Talk about yucky winters- snow and ice everywhere, having to put on 6 layers of clothes to go outside, getting yelled at by babushkas because I refused to wear a hat. Winter in Ukraine is particularly depressing in the city because the snow gets so dirty and then there's mud everywhere in the flat, and you just cant keep things clean. But, eventually spring does arrive there, and the first sign of that is the little bundles of flowers for sale on the street corners. People bring the little bunches of small white flowers into the city, all wrapped up in leaves to make a tiny little bouquet. I used to love buying those- it gave me hope that the winter was actually going to end and that I wouldn't be cold and muddy forever.

Daniel and I are in desperate need of the equivalent of those flowers in our life right now. We're not going through a bad trial, just one of those endless, slogging on through the mud type of times. Yesterday at my moms' group one of the other moms read a verse about the Israelites "trudging through the wilderness". I think I can relate, just a bit.

So, that's the Friday update from here. I'm working busily this morning, and need to clean during my lunch break. Mainly vacuum, since the cats appear to have gotten the memo that it's spring, and are leaving giant clumps of fur all over the condo. I should brush them or something.

Okay, back to work.

PS- Hurray! The spell check works again!

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