Saturday, February 23, 2008

Book recommendation (and other stuff going on here)

I just finished reading the BEST book last night. It's called "The Second Nine Months" and is by a woman named Vicki Glembocki. And I love it. It's a very honest memoir of this woman's first nine months as a mother. Very honest. At times I felt like I could have written some of the chapters. Especially the parts about being a working mom, and the confusion that comes along with that. I really related to her feeling of relief at returning to work- that while it's hard to leave the baby, it's also really nice to be back in a world without poopy diapers, where people actually thank you for your work, and where you actually feel like you know what you're doing. So many other things in the book were great too- I'm going to have to recommend it to new moms. Probably not pregnant women though, because I dont think you can understand what she's saying until you've lived it.

On the topic of work- can I just say that I'm loving the every-other-day work thing? It's so nice to have one day of quiet and productivity, and then the next day to snuggle with my baby and see what he's up to.

And speaking of what the baby is up to- feeding him solid foods has been...interesting.... The diapers are unbelievably messy, when he actually gets around to pooping. Which he hasn't done in several days. I'm in for a bad diaper this afternoon- and his daddy is gone snowmobiling today! They have some sort of pact that Ethan will only make poopy diapers when I'm home alone with him. Last week he actually pooped in his baby bathtub, during his bath. I was frozen in place for several seconds- the bathtub is where I put him when he's messy, so what to do when he had messed up the cleaning place! I finally just grabbed him out of the bath, wrapped him in towels and cleaned everything up. I'm hoping that we wont have a repeat of that experience anytime soon.

So far Ethan only likes carrots. Trying to feed him peas or sweet potatoes results in the kind of response that you would expect if I fed him poison. The gagging and spitting and horrible faces are Oscar worthy. The child is going to turn orange if I don't find another food that he will eat very soon. I think a trip to the store to brainstorm is in order.


Anonymous said...

Maybe try mixing some other food with the carrots and then adding less carrots for a couple of feedings until he adds in another food without realizing it! Worked for us!


Karen said...

Yeah, what Amanda said is a good suggestion.

You could also try neutralizing the strong veggie flavor by mixing them with rice cereal. My kids didn't prefer the green veggies either, I usually had to mix them with something else. I gave up on peas altogether.

Vicki Glembocki said...

Hey Carrie...I'm so happy you dug my book, and even happier that you wrote on your blog that you dug my book! Just finished my second second nine months with Baby #2, and the food thing is making me crazy, too. Best to you! --Vicki Glembocki