Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I've noticed that I almost never have good titles for my posts on Tuesdays. They seem to suck all the creativity out of my brain. Oh well.

I think I have PMS. I'm not sure, because I haven't had PMS since November 2006. Not that I'm complaining in the least about the absence of PMS. I did not miss it. But I'm pretty sure that the good times are over. Great timing too- because I needed something else to make me mentally unstable right now.

Another gorgeous day here in Seattle. I think the munchkin and I are going to have to head up Queen Anne hill to go to Trader Joes and the library. And who knows, maybe I'll have enough energy leftover to go to the gym tonight after Daniel gets home from work. I was going to go on Sunday, but then I fell down the stairs and hurt my foot, so got out of it (I promise, it was not a deliberate thing to get out of exercising). I'm feeling better today though, so my excuses are running out. Darn it.

I did have one deep thought the other day. (Not sure how I slipped up and let that happen!) As a general rule, I don't like people to get into my personal space. Daniel's allowed to sit close to me most of the time. Unless I'm in a bad mood. Then I tend to get annoyed and make him sit far away from me on the couch. And our most frequent conversation at nighttime involves my belief that he should "GET OFF MY SIDE OF THE BED AND STOP PUTTING YOUR HEAD ON MY PILLOW!!!!" But I was holding Ethan the other day, when he was in one of his rare cuddly moods. And I realized that it doesn't bother me when Ethan is in my personal space. In fact, when I'm holding him it doesn't even feel like there is another person touching me. He's just an extension of my own body. Which is strange and wonderful all at the same time. Being a mom never ceases to amaze me.

I better wrap up and go deal with the puddles of drool that Ethan's making. This tooth has to come in eventually, right?


Occidental Girl said...

Hope your foot heals soon! Exercise is a miracle, feel-better drug.

Anonymous said...

Oh - thats my issue too. "Stay on your own side of the bed"!!!

carrie said...

Yup - my kids can invade my "space" any old time, but anyone else, back off!

And just so you know, I think I've had PMS since 2006 too! :)