Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too cute for naptime

I put Ethan down for his nap, then came to check on him a few minutes later. And found him completely turned around in his crib, smiling up at me and waving his arms in excitement when he saw me standing next to his crib. Yeah, it worked, he's now playing on his playmat instead of "napping". The daycare people are going to HATE me.

We're having another good day here. I've been in an astonishingly good mood since Sunday. Probably because I had a complete breakdown on Sunday night complete with crying and sobbing and telling Daniel all of the things that have been bothering me lately. It was one of those conversations that men hate, since none of the things really involved him and most were unfixable. I felt better though.

(note- Ethan used to be able to roll from front to back, but now he rolls from back to front and gets stuck there. Weird).

Other random things that are making me happy today:
1. I'm going to have coffee with a girl from church this weekend. She's pregnant with her first son, and I just met her this past month at our new moms' group. Havent met her husband yet, but she seems really nice and I'm looking forward to making a new friend.

2. I put all of my blog entries from the beginning of the blog through the end of 2007 into a book that I made using Blurb. It arrived yesterday and looks great. I splurged and got the hardback version, which cost $50. But, Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary and my birthday all fall really close together, and Daniel never has enough gift ideas, so this will count for one or two of those events. I'm so happy to have the journey of my pregnancy/first months of motherhood in print!

3. I found out this week that I still have 2 weeks of vacation left at work, which is surprising. And I also found out that they're going to leave me as an hourly employee, so on those weeks that Ethan is sick or we just cant fit in all the work hours, it's okay- I can just not get paid for those. If I'm salaried then I would have to find a way to make up the hours or use vacation time. This gives me a little more freedom, which is wonderful. Especially next week when Ethan wont be in daycare all day yet.

I'd like to close with the life-defining event that happened yesterday- I was holding Ethan and he was screaming (teething?). I looked down and noticed that he had been screaming so hard that he got a booger on my shoulder. I wiped it off and went on with my afternoon. Things that would have freaked me out 6 months ago....

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