Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was going to go to the mommy&baby movie time at one of the local theaters. Then I realized that I didn't want to go to the movies at 10 AM. Who watches movies at 10 AM? Not to mention, the theater is 15 minutes away if there is no traffic, and even further at rush hour. So instead of being at the movies, I'm still sitting around the condo, wearing pajamas, eating cereal and listening to Ethan not napping in the other room.

Every time I look over at my TV, I'm sad. We're returning the digital cable box today, as we're at the end of the 6 month introductory cost time. So now it's back to regular TV for us. Network stations and the discovery channel. I'll probably get a lot more done in my life though.

Still crying in the other room. I'm a little worried about his refusal to nap, especially with daycare looming on the horizon. They're not going to like his screaming through naptime.

So, that's what's going on here. I have some work to do, and we might go to storytime at the library today. I really enjoyed it last time that we went, so hopefully we'll make it today too.

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Devin said...

It's so hard when they won't nap. My youngest, even at eight months, wants to be held during nap time. Yeah, I get a lot done.