Sunday, January 20, 2008

This was a little scary

I'm always nervous when I'm carrying around Ethan- afraid that I'll trip over a cat or that he'll wiggle and hit his head on something or that I'll fall down the stairs with him. Today I decided to test out one of those fears. We were leaving church, and I was a few steps from the bottom, when my feet went out from under me, and I went down, while holding the baby. Thankfully I fell backwards and I had a good hold on him, so he didn't fall from my arms. And we both missed hitting the wall next to the staircase. He was fine, just freaked out and a little upset. I'm a little sore in the bum area (thankfully I'm well padded there!) and my ankles are going to be pretty stiff in the morning, but overall I'm fine too.

But I feel like I've betrayed Ethan. He trusts me to keep him safe, then I go and fall down stairs with him. God was watching out for us and protecting us today, and we're fine, and that's what's important. But I still feel badly about the whole thing. Hopefully babies have short memories. :)

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Karen said...

So I probably shouldn't tell you about the time that my oldest fell off the bed onto his head, or the time he touched a hot lawn mower that was turned off and got second degree burns on his finger? Or when Jack threw himself out of the crib, or when I forgot to buckle the carseat into the car? Or that Jack tumbled head over feet down some stair this weekend while I was watching?

Mistakes and accidents happen. Luckily for most of us they aren't fatal. Don't beat yourself up. He's okay, you're okay, stuff like that happens. It just does. You aren't a bad parent.