Friday, January 4, 2008


Yesterday I got up, made a desperately needed cup of coffee and set it on the footstool while I got Ethan situated on his playmat. I then turned around and knocked over the coffee, spilling a large mug worth of hot coffee onto the light colored carpet.

In the early evening, I went to make hot apple cider for Daniel and I. I opened the packet and spilled powder everywhere.

Then I was having a cup of (diet) hot chocolate in the late evening. I sat down on the couch with it and sloshed it all over the couch.

Why did I need to have a baby if I can create this much mess on my own?


Anonymous said...

LOL - I hate doing that. There seems to be "those" days when you can't get it together. Just know, we all have them! :)

BJ said...

Oh my. It's so frustrating to have clumsy days. We went through about 7 days in a row where something was getting broken. I lost several dishes. And it was hardly the kids - it was all Greg and I! Well, the final straw was when I was refilling the water jug at supper, and the bottom fell out! So weird!