Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Not the suitcase again!!!

It's official, I hate the sight of my suitcase even more than my older cat hates it. When she sees the suitcase, she gets very annoyed and spends most of her time trying to figure out how to sit in the suitcase so that she isnt left behind. Then she goes off somewhere and sulks about her upcoming abandonment. Sometimes she wets on things. It's fun.

Dont get me wrong, I love my family and friends and I'm so glad that we have so many people who want to see us. But I'm tired. Traveling with a baby is approximately 1.5 million times more complicated than traveling alone. And he's actually on a pretty good routine at home, and every time we leave, that gets messed up for the duration of the trip and about a week afterwards.

Ethan was born in mid-August. We went to Portland in early September. We drove to Idaho in October. In November we went to Portland again, followed by a flight to Virginia. In December we went to Canada. Now it's back to Portland again. This is the last trip for a while though, I hope. Unless Daniel wants to whisk me off to a tropical beach somewhere. I could manage to suffer through that :)

Okay, I need to go try to figure out how many diapers Ethan's using per day these days and pack twice that. I have a overwhelming fear of running out of diapers!

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Karen said...

I know that this time it'd your grandma, but you need to tell your friends to come see YOU. Travelling with a baby is a lot to ask!

Don't forget that diapers are for sale in Portland too if you run out. :)