Monday, January 7, 2008

"My name is Carrie, I'm almost 31 years old, and I'm addicted to Facebook"

My friends are to blame. I had ignored the existence of Facebook for quite some time. I would get a request every so often from someone, asking me to join Facebook. But I was better than that, and I ignored them. Then one week I got multiple requests from different people. So I begrudgingly made a little profile. Just for their sake. Just so I could see other peoples' photos and profiles.

Now I'm hooked. I play games on Facebook, track down people I knew way back when (this week I found someone that I went to summer camp in France with in 1994!), upload pictures of my handsome husband and baby, send messages to my friends... you name it.

I thought that this wasn't too pathetic. After all, I'm home all day with relatively little contact with the outside world.

Then I talked to my best friend this weekend. She's on there too. Quite a bit. As is her high school aged sister. And I was ashamed to find out that her high school sister thinks we're all pathetic for playing games and sending strange messages to each other and adopting virtual pets. Apparently she and her friends are too mature for those things, they just use it for pictures. She's actually a little concerned about us "older folks" and the amount of time we spend on Facebook. :)

Maybe I should cut back. Maybe I wont go onto my page today. After I just do one more thing on there...

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BJ said...

Ah, Facebook. I had to quit. Shut my page down. Besides, I'm more of a blogger. I'd rather devote my time to writing. But it sure can suck you in, in a hurry!