Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just a Tuesday

Ethan's energetically spinning around in his exersaucer at the moment, while also chewing on one of his toys and producing fountains of drool. I just wish that darned tooth would come in already! He's started a new, incredibly annoying thing this week- the low pitched, constant (doesn't he need to breathe!) whining noise. And he makes it all the time. We're not enjoying that too much. Good thing he's so darned cute.

This morning was a trip to Safeway for us. Trying to stock up on things that are on sale. And trying to get in the habit of using coupons. We don't subscribe to the paper, so I've gotten out of the coupon habit, but, since we're now surviving on 60% of the income that we used to have, coupons are a necessity. And I did pretty well today, saved $40 with sales and coupons. But I have to work on my skills in terms of juggling the shopping list, coupons that I'm using, those that I'm not using, and bouncing the baby in the baby bjorn all at the same time. Ethan's become a bit of a celebrity at Safeway- everyone recognizes him and stops us to say hi to him. He appreciates the attention.

We're off on the train to Portland again on Thursday. We needed to fit in one more long trip down there before I'm working on Fridays, making Thursday-Sunday trips less possible. And visiting Ethan's great-grandmother is going to be increasingly stressful as he becomes more mobile, since her home is pretty much the complete opposite of a baby-proofed house.

So, that's all from here! Hope you're all having a good Tuesday. If you see the sunshine, send it this way.

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