Friday, January 4, 2008

I've figured it out

Yeah, it's me again. Posting twice in one day. For the second day in a row. I blame the weather. It's sucking out my energy, leaving me with no choice but to sit in front of this computer during the baby's naps.

Speaking of naps, I've finally figured it all out. What I really need in life is someone that will pay attention to my mood and actions, and when they can tell that I need a nap, pick me up and physically place me in my bed. And make me stay there until I've napped. It works for Ethan.

I'm not sleeping well these days. It's become kind of a vicious cycle. I cant sleep because of things that are on my mind and the voices of disapproval that I keep hearing in my head. Then I get tired and cranky from not sleeping, which makes more stuff be on my mind and the voices get louder. Daniel keeps waking up in the middle of the night and finding me gone. I figure, if I cant sleep, I can at least lie on the bed in Ethan's room and watch him sleep. It does seem to help.

Maybe if I had a nap monitor I could catch up on some sleep and then I'd feel better. Or maybe I need a sun lamp. I really wonder, on days like today, what on earth the settlers that founded Seattle IN NOVEMBER!!! were thinking. I bet they had some fun family discussions around their rain-soaked campfire.

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