Monday, January 21, 2008

I wanna go outside

The view out my window this afternoon is so gorgeous- beautiful blue skies, lots of sunshine... so pretty. People are pretty bundled up though, so it must be pretty cold. It's always 75 degrees in my condo, so I have no concept of outdoor temperatures. I think Ethan and I are going to walk down to QFC when he gets up from his nap, so I'll see for myself then.

We had a rough night last night- Ethan refused to eat most of the day yesterday, then didn't want to sleep last night and was cranky. He's still not eating well today. I think we're still teething, but if he doesn't get better soon, then I'm going to call the doctor soon.

I feel a little bad about something today- I got a phone call from my mom this morning. She was calling to talk to me about their visit in April, and to make sure that we were really okay with them coming (I've told them in the last few weeks that it was fine, and that they were welcome to come stay with us). But she was worried that it would be a problem for them to come visit, since they're still unhappy about the daycare decision, and she was worried that they'd offended us to a point where we wouldnt want them around. My dad's taking it really really really hard still, apparently. I'm sad that this is causing a problem for us (mainly them). I told Mom today that I really wish we weren't so far apart on the issue. And I reiterated that this was not a permanent decision, it's just something we're going to try in February and March and re-evaluate then. But it's still really hard on them- they just don't understand the logic behind our choice. And I don't expect them to. I just wish they weren't so very sad about it. They're Ethan's grandparents and they need to be around him. And that's the most important thing.

Nothing much else new and exciting going on here. Just enjoying the scenery and the quiet condo. It's amazing just how loud a 5 month old can be when he isnt feeling well!

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