Sunday, January 20, 2008

I think he's trying to drive us insane

My lovely, sweet baby, who was such a good sleeper- well- he no longer is. Since we returned from Portland, he's been getting up in the middle of the night. Really getting up. Not lying in his crib, whining quietly (which he used to do, and was quickly soothed by a paci), but the wide awake, "hi mom! Do you want to play now?" type of awake. Ugh. He's the most adorable child on the planet, but I really see him enough during the day and do not need to spend quality time with him at 2 AM. This morning he didn't wake up until 4, and I finally broke down and nursed him at 4:30. We haven't been doing middle of the night feedings anymore, but I was desperate for sleep. And it worked.

The other problem with this middle-of-the-night waking thing, is that my beloved is currently winning the subtle "I'm tireder than you are" contest that new parents play, to try to figure out who is going to get up with the baby and check on him, or who is going to go sleep in the baby's room so that the other parent can get some rest. Daniel's been having a really rough time at work, and that's really getting him down. And he's just generally worn out. I don't blame him. I've actually been pretty proud of my maturity and unselfishness this week in not whining about my bigger lack of sleep. But I wanted to.

The clothing swap was not a success yesterday. But we tried. And now we know what not to do again next time.

The only other news of note is that my parents are planning a visit for the first week of April. Hopefully they'll be less upset about the whole daycare thing by then. And my brother and sister-in-law are planning a visit for May. It's their big vacation for the year, so my brother wants to fit in as many activities as humanly possible. We're going to need a spreadsheet with the days broken down into 30-minute increments. It's going to be that busy. And he still has 4 months to add in more activity ideas.

Okay, I cant go to church in my pjs, so I need to go get dressed.

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carrie said...

It'll pass - trust me. I remember when mine would do that, wake up like it's party time at 3am, and I felt so bad for wishing that they hadn't.

I can't remember any tricks to share except keep the lights low and don't, whatever you do, play in the middle of the night (unless you want to encourage this, of course!).

Good luck!