Monday, January 14, 2008

Excuse me?

The trip to Portland went fine. Exhausting, but fine. I'm working on a huge work project today that has a really tight deadline, so am drinking copious quantities of caffeine to try to stay awake. While also trying to convince Ethan to sleep, because he's tired and I dont have the energy for a cranky baby on top of everything else today.

But I shouldnt whine. I was just reading a care page for a little boy who is dying of a brain tumor. His mom updated today and apologized for her bad mood. The woman is sitting around watching her little boy die, and she's apologizing to others for her mood. If anyone has the right to be in a bad mood, it's her. Pray for the family.

In other news, I had a VERY interesting conversation with my husband this weekend.

Me: "So, we're coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary [under current Chinese adoption laws, you have to be married for 2 years before you can adopt]. Do you think you could talk to some of the people you know who have adopted from China and start getting some referrals for adoption agencies."

Him: "Sure, I can do that. But, I've been thinking. I really like having a baby around. (then he stops and pauses)."

Me: "What are you suggesting, that we have another biological child? After we've been talking about adopting pretty much since we were first dating? And after the suckiness that was my pregnancy with Ethan? And after the every-other-day hospital visits for the last two months of the pregnancy? And the horrible labor and c-section?"

Him: "Yeah, I really like having a baby around at this age, and I dont like the thought of not getting to go through this age again. So maybe we should think about having another baby."

Me: Silence. Just staring at him.

Later in the weekend, when I had scraped my jaw off the ground, I asked him how much he wanted to have another baby, on a scale of 1-10. He said he's a 4-6. I'm 75% against having another baby, so I'm still winning. We decided to go ahead and look into adoption agencies and get info from them, and do a lot of praying and thinking about it, and we'll make a decision later in the year when we get to that point. I plan to play subliminal message tapes while he's sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the wait times for China these days. It is around 4-5 years for people who are just now logging in and it doesn't look as thought it is going to go down anytime soon! I just want to make sure you know what you are getting into before you pay $1,000's of dollars. :)
We started down that road and ended up doing a foster-adopt here in WA.
Have fun whatever you do!!!

AZMom said...

Wait times for China are currently at 2 years (not 4 to 5 years) with our adoption agency. We used CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International) and loved them. When we adopted the wait was 9 months. Our China beauty is now 8 years old. We also have a son who was adopted from S. Korea. He is now 5 1/2. Feel free to drop by my blog. I have links to both of their adoption blogs as well!

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Try this site - it will give you an accurate snapshot of China adoptions right now. It has a wealth of info.
Have fun!