Thursday, January 17, 2008

The best news EVER

Okay, so yesterday I got the BEST NEWS EVER. Are you ready for it? My husband's company is going to stop paying for their employees to carry around Blackberries, effective at the end of the month! THERE WILL BE NO MORE EVIL BLACKBERRY IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! My beloved is going to switch back to a normal phone, one without email access. Hallelujah!!!!

The baby is napping, so I really should be getting myself ready for the day. Today is our church new mom's group meeting, one of the high points of my life these days. It's such an encouragement to be able to get together with other moms going through similar challenges and to talk about those, but more importantly to be reminded of what the Bible has to say about things and to have the opportunity to pray together. It's such a blessing to me.

We have to go to the post office too this morning. I'm mailing off another box of baby clothes to a girlfriend of mine. I'm totally in big trouble if we decide to have another biological child, but truthfully, we dont have the space to store things here in the 900 sq ft condo. We're already in serious risk of being killed by falling stuff every time we open a closet.

Okay, time to comb my hair, possibly for the first time in several days...

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Anonymous said...

WHAT??? You dont like the Blackberry? I am no addicted and don't know what I am going to do when I quit my job to stay home with my baby and I have to give the BB back. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

:) Kim