Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ah, peace and tranquility

Yesterday kind of sucked. I ended up working 11 hours, which is quite a feat with a 5 month old around. I spent the whole day moving him from playmat to swing to exersaucer to bouncy chair, and making faces and talking to him while I worked on tables for our upcoming publication. It was reaffirmation that working from home just doesnt work for me, I end up stressed and frustrated. At the end of the day, I called Daniel and asked him to skip the gym and come home to pay attention to Ethan. Thankfully he did. At which point I picked a fight with him, because he lost his bus pass, and will have to pay the $3/day to get to and from work for the rest of the month. Which annoys me, since I'm spending so much time clipping coupons and looking for bargains and just generally trying to save money every way possible.

Another blogger responded to my post from yesterday and informed me that the wait time for China adoptions is up to 4-5 years. Which I hadn't heard, and which came as quite a surprise for me. I'm not sure we're willing to wait quite that long to adopt. This is going to make the decision on having another baby very interesting.

And I have a new mom question- why is it that baby poop is able to defy the laws of gravity? Ethan can be sitting upright in his chair, make a dirty diaper, and I pick him up to find that the poop has traveled upwards, and out the top of his diaper/pants. Seriously. Explain this to me. Hopefully the addition of food to his diet (in a couple of weeks, probably) will help this situation.

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