Monday, January 29, 2007

Already taking after me

I'm 12 weeks pregnant now! That was a fun milestone to hit. Seems like it brings with it some sense of relief from the superstitious fear that I will doom my child by telling people of its existence before I reach the random 12-week landmark. Pregnancy logic is weird.

So, I thought the "morning" sickness was on its way out, until I made the mistake this morning of riding a bus after only drinking my morning smoothie and not consuming any solid foods. I think I was green by the time I got to the office. Now I'm sitting here, trying to stay warm (the heat was off in our office today, for some strange reason), and trying to figure out what exactly it is that the baby thinks I should eat. None of the healthy snacks that I brought to eat today are inspiring anything other than a feeling of nausea. The thought of McDonalds makes my body practically glow with happiness. My child is 3 inches big and I'm already losing battles of will with it.

On another random note, at our last ultrasound, the baby was 5 centimeters big. I told Daniel that when I give birth, the baby will have a 10 centimeter space to exit from. And it's already halfway to that size, and it gets 28 weeks to keep growing! I'm not normally one to overly question God's wisdom about things, but I have to say, pregnancy and childbirth definitely bring up some questions. :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The greatest feeling

We had another ultrasound yesterday, this one as part of a genetic screening test. Since I'm only going to be 30 when the baby is born, it's a relatively low chance that the baby will have a Downs syndrome or Trisomy 18-type problem, but we wanted to go ahead and do the screening anyway. Daniel and I are both the type of person who wants to have as much information as possible, as soon as possible. :)

Anyway, after a long long day of sitting at work, poking my stomach and wondering if everything was okay in there, I finally met up with Daniel and we headed over to the hospital. I'm becoming very familiar with that place! Oddly enough, when the ultrasound tech called my name, it was the same technician that had done our first ultrasound, even though the first one was in an entirely different department of the hospital. We got to the room quickly, she started the scan and- the greatest thing ever- there was the little heartbeat, flickering wildly on the screen. In the course of the 30 minute scan we got to see the baby doing lots of swimming and flipping and wiggling. The technician had trouble getting the measurements she needed since the baby was so wiggly. But finally she got her measurements and we got our new photos of baby. And some calmness of nerves for a few days. It never lasts long. Fortunately, our 12 week appointment is next week, so we should get to hear the heartbeat with the doppler then.

I'm relieved to have seen the baby again, and am really hoping to not have to go through any more full-bladder ultrasounds! Not my favorite experience.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The news is out

Somehow (we have NO idea how), our pastor found out that Daniel and are expecting a baby. Friday night, Daniel walked into our home fellowship group, to be met with a big "congratulations" from another pastor. The pastor said that he had heard from our main pastor (who we had not told). We took that as a sign to just tell everyone else at church, since apparently the word was spreading without our involvement anyway. We told one person that we were expecting a baby, at about 8 weeks. At 11 weeks, without our help, everyone knows! Churches are funny that way. But we have lots more people praying for us now, which is a blessing. There are 8 other women at church that are pregnant right now, which is amazing!It's a VERY kid-centered church.

I almost fainted this morning, which was a really strange feeling. I've never had that happen before. I laid down on the couch for a little while, then ate breakfast and soon felt better. Still, not something I care to do again anytime soon! Other than that, just the usual nausea and tiredness. Daniel was feeling tired last night and fell asleep on the couch at about 7. I kept poking him and telling him that I was bored. Finally at one point, I turned to him and said "is this how boring I've been lately?" He assured me that it was. :) He deserved a night to rest and me waiting on him for a while. He's been so very good to me throughout this whole experience.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

25% done!

Baby and I hit 10 weeks yesterday. It's nice to be in the double digits, week-wise. I'm still not gaining weight, but stopped losing finally. Yesterday I noticed that there's definitely something growing under all of the flab on my tummy, so maybe I'll start looking pregnant in a few weeks.

This week I got to go to the hypertension clinic to have my cardiac output measured. It was really high, putting me at risk for preeclampsia, so the doctors put me back on my original medication and will continue to monitor me and the baby. This week I actually have no doctors' appointments! But I do have one every week after this week, for the next 3 weeks, at least. I'm learning my way to the hospital really well!

I've been really tired lately, but overall feeling better physically. A little overwhelmed mentally, but that's to be expected. We're just doing a lot of praying for God's grace and strength. I know He'll provide, I just have to remember to ask Him.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

We saw the heartbeat!

On Thursday, after a long, nervewracking day at the office (all 6 hours of it!), my husband and I headed to the hospital to have our baby ultrasound. I started drinking my gallons of water on our way over to the hospital. By the time my name was called, I was very anxious both to see the baby and to have the ultrasound done so that I could go to the bathroom.

It was all really easy. We walked in, I laid down on the examining table, and then the technician began to do the ultrasound. Just one baby in there, she told us right away. We were relieved. Pretty soon we could see the baby's heartbeat, and many measurements were taken. The baby had a good, strong heartbeat, right at 160, where it should be at this age. And my measurements matched up with my estimated due date, so we're right on schedule. We did get a picture of the baby, but it wiggled, so it's really a picture of a blob. My mom cried, just the same, when we sent it to them.

After the ultrasound, I called my grandmother to tell her that her 81st birthday present was in the works. The baby is due on her actual birthday, which is amazing. She is also thrilled. And we told both sets of parents to feel free to spread the news. We're probably going to stop with the number of people that know now- most of my close coworkers, all of our family, and a few close friends. We'll spread the rest of the news when we're out of the first trimester.

So now we're proudly displaying the photo of our little blob on the fridge. It's such a weird feeling to look at the picture, and know that that is inside me, and that it's our baby. Wonderful, but strange.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

We have an ultrasound scheduled!

In 24 hours and 30 minutes (give or take a few) I will be sitting in the waiting room of the radiology department at our local hospital. Where I will be waiting uncomfortably, due to my full bladder (yes, some people still use that type of ultrasound!), and anxiously, due to my desire to see this baby's heartbeat.

Today was our first OB appointment. They asked lots of questions, took lots of blood, and generally made me feel much better about things. While the doctor was poking around my uterus (hopefully these two things were unconnected), she asked if twins ran in my family. I told her that they did, and she scheduled me for an ultrasound to check and see if there are two babies hanging out inside me. Apparently she doesn't think there are, but we want to be sure.

So now I'm excited and nervous and happy and scared. I just heard my favorite song on the radio, it's called "Held" and is sung by Natalie Grant. It reminds me that whatever I'm going through, even the things that are tough to understand, God is there in those things. I'm trying to just trust Him, and leave my worries at His feet. Easier said than done sometimes, but I know it's a lesson I need to learn.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I've officially lost my mind

So far I've been dealing with a total and complete loss of appetite in this pregnancy. I'm down almost 7 pounds in the last month. The mere thought of food makes my stomach churn.

Which brings us to yesterday. I knew I was getting a little more emotional, but I thought I had managed to contain the insanity pretty well. Sure, I cry at more commercials and have to avoid watching Oprah entirely, but I seemed to be doing well. Yesterday afternoon, my darling husband was making us lunch. We had purchased salmon on Friday when we went grocery shopping, and knew that we needed to eat it on Monday before it went bad. And salmon is great for me and the developing baby. I've managed to eat it pretty well for the last few weeks. Daniel pulled the salmon out of the oven, cut it up into smaller pieces, and informed me lunch was ready. I walked over to the kitchen, looked at the salmon, smelled the fish, and burst into tears. Then I ran to the couch and laid there crying about hating food and smells and eating. Daniel stared at me in disbelief, fixed his own lunch and tried to sit as far away from me as possible.

I eventually calmed down, ate my tiny portion of fish, choked down a few veggies and regained my sanity.

My poor, poor, husband. He's in for a long 7 months.