Saturday, December 8, 2007


This is a sucky Saturday.

We looked at our finances for the last month, and realized that we're going to have to start sticking to a really strict budget. Which is no fun. I know lots of people have to do that, but we're already extremely frugal, so cutting more corners is going to be hard. There arent many things left to cut back on.

The decision to enroll Ethan in daycare is not so popular with some in our family. To say the least. So I'm discouraged about that too.

I was up late last night worrying, and that was even before the whole budget/upset relatives thing came out today. So I'm tired. Which doesnt help my being able to deal with other stuff.

Anyway. Anyone have any good cost-cutting tips for me? Other than never setting foot in Target again? :)


BJ said...

I don't have many tips for you. We have a pretty tight budget, too. We're scraping by right now. Hopefully after Christmas things will be better. Sorry about the opinions of family - I don't think it matters what we do, we're criticized by someone.

Karen said...

No matter what you do someone isn't going to agree. You and Daniel should do what you feel is best for your family.

MamaBear said...

Is working from home an option? I know a number of moms (myself included) who have been able to save daycare expenses by telecommuting.

I completely agree with BJ and Karen ... no matter what decision you make, it is going to be unpopular with someone you love and respect and whose opinion you really value. You just have to be very thick skinned and stand your ground, believing that you and Daniel are the best equipped to make decisions for Ethan. Of course, it never hurts if you can master the art of smiling sweetly and saying, "Thanks so much for your concern. We'll definitely consider that opinion." :-)

LD said...

We have a pretty tight budget as well-- the best thing we've done is to pay ourselves in cash each week. When you have a set number of $20 bills to get you through the week, you make smarter choices about how to spend them-- or at least we've found it to be the case. And we cut the things we don't really need-- no fancy features on the phone, the basic (12 channel) cable instead of the regular basis-- stuff like that.