Sunday, December 9, 2007


Ethan is definitely going to be quite a talker when he gets older. He's sitting in his bouncy chair, carrying on quite the little conversation with himself. Occasionally he sneezes, which still scares him. It's all pretty funny. I would so love to know what's going on in his little mind.

Thanks for your nice comments yesterday. Daniel and I had a long talk about the whole daycare thing (long conversation #2056 on the topic), and we're still confident that we made the right decision for us. Working from home really isn't an option for me for much longer. Ethan needs me to be spending time with him when I'm home, not putting him in his swing or bouncy chair and begging him to let me work for just a few more minutes. Working from home also has the unfortunate effect of making work time drag on all day and evening. I need a clear line drawn. Daniel and I also decided that when I go back to work, we're both going to be more intentional about not getting drawn into work stuff in the evening. No more "I need to just check one email", since that inevitably turns into 30+ minutes of working.

In other news, we have snowflakes again this morning. Apparently the weather didn't get the memo that this is Seattle, and we don't do winter. Doesn't look like much snow though, so we're heading to church.

I don't know if you all saw this news story. I'm sad, because YWAM is a great mission organization, and I know the kids that were training there have hearts to serve the Lord and other people. It's always tragic when lives are cut short so young. Pray for their families and friends in this tough time.

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Mazi said...

Hey there!! I was just "stalking" you from the E board on WW and wondering how you are?! Glad to see baby Ethan is growing like a weed.

Take care!!

Mazigra0925 (Jenifer)