Sunday, December 2, 2007


Normally when the weatherman/woman forecasts snow for Seattle, we all get very excited and stock up on milk and bread, then no snow actually falls. So, I was very surprised when I looked out the window of the gym yesterday and saw big snowflakes falling. Lots of them. By afternoon, we had a pretty good coating of snow on everything in Seattle. We enjoyed the view out the window and went and took pictures with Ethan outside. Then the snow seemed to go away by late afternoon, so we felt safe heading about 20 miles north to our friends' baby's 1st birthday party.

So, we loaded up in the car and started to drive. Crossed the bridge to the Eastside. Snow was falling, but it was mixed with rain and didn't seem to be sticking to the roads. Drove a few miles further north. Noticed that snow was starting to stick to the interstate a bit. Kept driving north. More snow sticking to the road. I'm starting to get nervous. We made it up to the exit where we were going, and found most of the roads with quite a bit of snow. Continued towards our friends' house, and I'm starting to really worry. Having an accident with Ethan in the car is one of my new greatest fears. He's buckled in well, but I still don't want to test the system. Daniel knows how to drive in snow, but a lot of the other drivers in Seattle do not, and it can be scary to be out when it snows here.

By the time we made it to a mile from our friends' house, we couldn't see the roads or the street signs (making it challenging to find their street!), and other cars were slipping and sliding a little. We ended up finding our friends' house, finally (it's too new to show up on our GPS), and Daniel hopped out, gave them the birthday present, and we turned around and went home. Unfortunately, because of the way the interstate runs around here, the best way to get back to Seattle was to drive further north about 5 more miles, which was a little scary. But, eventually we made it back to Seattle, where it was still just raining.

Daniel says he would have stayed a little while at the party before heading home, but I was just too nervous (and annoying) for that, since the temperature was dropping rapidly, snow was falling heavily, and roads were freezing as the temperature dropped. I still feel really bad about missing the party, as Daniel rarely gets to hang out with his friends anymore and he was looking forward to spending some time with them. But we're home and safe, and that was the most important thing to me.

We have a rare and highly unusual quiet afternoon at home today. With NOTHING ON THE SCHEDULE!! I'm so confused- I have no idea what to do first! Don't be too jealous :)

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