Friday, December 21, 2007

Playing "party chicken"

My friends and I played a game of "party chicken" today. It's like the game when you ride bikes toward each other and whoever veers away first is the "chicken". "Party chicken" is similar: 1) friends plan a visit from out of the country and suggest that a group should get together 2) everyone agrees on a day when people are free and decide that we'll discuss details when the international visitors arrive 3) everyone ignores the fact that we have no details set until the morning of the planned get-together 4) someone finally caves in on the day of the planned party, in early afternoon, and offers to host the party. I lost.

Actually, I don't mind hosting the party at all. It's kind of fun to have people over at this time of year, and since we're heading to Canada tomorrow, we're not having any Christmas festivities here. So it'll be fun to turn on the Christmas music and lights tonight, and have friends over to eat cookies and drink apple cider and mulled wine. And, as I'm learning quickly, it's so much easier with a baby to have people come here than to go to other peoples' houses. I actually stand a small chance of getting Ethan in bed tonight at something approaching bedtime.

So, it's been a crazy day, packing for our trip, cleaning for tonight and shopping for food and drink for tonight. I think I'm almost ready for everything now- thanks to Ethan's great afternoon nap. Christmas party and travel, here I come!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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