Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Apparently not showing up for work is a good thing for me!

I got my annual performance review yesterday. Best one I've ever received, hands down. 99% of the comments from my project managers and coworkers were positive. They raved about what a great job I've done this year. Which is amusing, given that I haven't actually gone to work since the end of July, and I barely did anything while I was there. I'm afraid that I'm just going to screw this up when I actually do go to work :)

So, I've had to start changing the baby's diapers in the crib or on the floor, since on of our cats has taken over the changing table. Since she's been very upset about things lately (and showing it by peeing on things), I have elected to let her win this battle and have the changing table. She'll lose interest in it soon, I hope.

Ethan's still coughing, but seems to be otherwise doing pretty well. The cough sounds bad, but the doctor assured me on Monday that he was fine, so I'm going to trust her for now. And keep an eye on it.

And I'm in the process of trying to find a cheap, used Bumbo or Bebe Pod chair for Ethan. I've seen those discussed on other blogs, but didn't think we needed one. Then we went to PEPS today and Ethan sat in one. And now we have to buy one. Such a cool idea!


Karen said...

You can have mine for $25.00

Whatever you do, don't buy one new. it's on really fun piece of baby equipment but not worth the exprense new. Next year you'll see them at every single yardsale for $10.00.

Karen said...

apparently I am typing with mittens on tonight. pardon all the type-o's in that. good grief.