Saturday, December 1, 2007

Almost all well again

Daniel's still hanging on to the last bit of a cough, but other than that, we seem to be all recovered from our various illnesses. Ethan's fever lasted just Thursday evening, then he was cranky yesterday, and now he's back to normal. Right now he's in his exersaucer, taking his new friend Monkey for a ride. Monkey is a Baby Cozy from North American Bear Company and is Ethan's new best friend and new favorite chew toy. The only problem with Monkey is that he's small, and I'm in constant fear of losing him when we go out. So Ethan's going to get another Baby Cozy for Christmas, just so we have a backup.

I'm on my own again this morning. Daniel actually made it to men's group at church today, which he hasn't done in months. I'm glad he got to go, and told him he could go, but then whined about being left on my own with the baby again. Thankfully Daniel just ignores me when I do that. He should be home soon, and then we'll go do our big weekly grocery shopping and other errands, before heading to a 1st birthday party for the daughter of some friends. Should be fun.

I've discovered Ethan has another part of mine and Daniel's personalities. Yesterday he was fussy most of the day, but seemed to be feeling well in the evening, so we bundled him up (think the kid in Christmas Story) and headed out to Seattle Center when Daniel got home from work. Ethan didn't make a peep between the time we left the condo and returned a couple of hours later, just sat in his stroller and looked at the people and the lights. I think he gets cabin fever just like his parents do, as he seems to be happiest when he's out and about. That's our boy.

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