Monday, December 10, 2007

4 months old. Wow.

My little sweetie is 4 months old today! To celebrate, he got to go to the doctor this morning to be poked and prodded and immunized. There is nothing harder to a mom than seeing the look of pain and shock on a baby's face, after some nurse has interrupted his nice morning by sticking a needle into his thigh. I have to say though, the front desk people move MUCH faster to get you out of there when your baby is screaming at the top of his lungs :)

So, Ethan's napping now. After his 2 month shots, he was a nightmare, so I'm glad he's not reacting so badly this time. He needs some sleep. Everything else looked good at the appointment too. Apparently the congestion that we've been hearing in his chest isn't lung congestion, but is related to him not keeping up with my milk supply when he's eating, which results in the milk going down wrong and rattling around and making scary noises. I am supposed to prop him up more when he eats, to prevent that from occurring. Hopefully it'll work!

It's been quite a 4 months. Ethan is a sweet baby- and I've never enjoyed getting to know someone more. He's at a fun stage now where he'll just stop whatever he's doing and stare at me. Like he's trying to memorize everything about me. He's so amazing. I'm so blessed.

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