Thursday, November 29, 2007

A year ago

A year ago today was the day before my life changed forever. November 29 was the last day that I didn't know about Ethan's existence, on the 30th there was a very very faint line on the pregnancy test. So faint that I didn't even tell Daniel until I tested again on the morning of December 1st. At 4 AM. November 30th of last year was probably the longest, strangest day of my life, knowing that I was probably pregnant, but not being 100% sure. But on the 29th I didn't know what was about to happen. We'd been trying for a few months to have a baby, but I didn't really have any indications that November was going to be any different from the months when I wasn't pregnant.

What a difference a year makes.

Ethan and I went downtown today to have lunch with my coworkers and do a little shopping. I have a kitchen drawer that keeps eating my kitchen utensils, so I needed to get an organizer for that. We had a good lunch, with only minimal fussing. This time we went to FareStart for lunch. It's a great program that trains formerly homeless people to work in restaurants. Great, affordable food, good atmosphere, and socially responsible. What more could you want from your lunch! If you're in the downtown Seattle area, check it out.

The drawer organizers are calling- I need to put naptime to good use and get some stuff done!

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