Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving recap

Ethan has decided to protest his afternoon nap, so we'll see how many breaks I have to take during the writing of this post!

Our flights to Roanoke went really well on Monday. Ethan slept most of the flight to Cincinnati, we made our connection just fine, and then he slept the whole flight to Roanoke. After creating a hugely poopy diaper right at take-off, which we couldn't do anything about until landing in Roanoke (a 40 minute flight), since there was turbulence and we weren't allowed up and about. Mom and Dad were thrilled to see Ethan and eventually remembered to say hi to us too.

The weather in Roanoke was unbelievable this week- 70 degrees the first two days we were there, and nice and sunny the whole time. My brother and sister-in-law arrived Wednesday night, right before we all went to a Thanksgiving Eve service. Dad (one of the three pastors involved in the service) held Ethan while he greeted the people as they left the service, so Ethan met a lot of people in one evening. The other two pastors did not have cute grandbabies to hold, so got much less attention.

Thanksgiving was nice- Mom and Anita and I survived being in the kitchen and the food was good. Mom had bought 29 pounds of turkey (for 6 adults!), so we only made a good dent in it, but we made a valiant effort. Friday was our biggest adventure- a family picture at Sears! It went well though, Ethan was intrigued by the lights and looked cute in all of the pictures.

Then we headed back home yesterday. The return flights didn't go quite as smoothly. Ethan was the annoying baby on the plane for part of the trip. But he wasn't the only screaming child, so I didn't feel too bad about it. It was wonderful to get home last night and get back to our condo. Pretty much the only really tough part of the trip was getting home and finding out that there had been a miscommunication with our cat sitter, and no one had been to check on my furbabies since we left. They had enough food for most of our trip and still had water left when we got home, so it was really just a matter of petting them and apologizing profusely to them. The cat sitter felt awful when she heard. I think she's more upset about it than anyone else, since she really loves our cats. But they're fine, and that's what matters.

So, now it's time to readjust to real life. We did a pretty good job of keeping Ethan on West Coast time while we were gone, so that is helping a bit. Just have lots of laundry to do, pictures to upload and groceries to buy! Speaking of, I should stop blogging and go do those things!

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BJ said...

Glad to hear it went well. Poor kitties.