Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A quiet Tuesday

Yesterday I was reading a baby magazine, and commented to Daniel that the magazine said that babies Ethan's age should be sleeping 10 hours at night. Which Ethan doesn't normally do. He must have heard me and felt some sort of baby peer pressure, because he slept 10 1/2 hours! He then woke up, ate and projectile vomited his entire breakfast all over me, necessitating a complete change of clothes for he and I both, but at least we had had a good nights' sleep before that fun event.

Just spending the morning working and contemplating what else to do today. It's a pretty, but cold day outside. Also trying to organize photos online and order copies for my scrapbooks and for Daniel's parents.

Speaking of Daniel's parents- Daniel sprung some news on me yesterday. When we go up to his parents' place in Vancouver, we usually stay at a hotel, since their condo is very small and all their spare beds are twin sized. And because the condo is filled to the brim with breakable knick-knacks, making it an overall not baby-friendly place. And because, while his family is lovely, they do stress me a bit, and I need time to decompress. We were discussing his need to make a hotel reservation last night, when he uttered this terrifying sentence "Sure, I'll look at the hotels and see what's available. But, my mom really wants us to stay at their condo and has it all figured out." So, now we're staying at his parents' place for the 4 days that we're in Canada. I agreed to the plan since his parents do need to spend time with Ethan, but warned Daniel that I'll probably be a little nuts by the end of the trip. Or a lot nuts. Not sure exactly. We'll see how it goes.

Time to go be productive now. I think grocery shopping is in my future for today.


Eve said...

your day sounds a lot like mine.
I have things I should be doing, and I just got back from the grocery store. I sometimes hate resposibility.

BJ said...

I didn't realize Daniel's parents are in Canada. Is he Canadian by birth?