Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh my goodness

I should be at PEPS this morning. But, given that my cough has actually increased in intensity and makes me sound like I have a mild case of tuberculosis, I opted to not go and hang out with 12 babies. Their moms probably would have pelted me with baby bottles if I had come near their little ones. And I wouldn't have blamed them in the least.

So, instead of being out and having something to do, I'm home. And am beginning to freak out because "OH MY GOODNESS I HAVE TO FLY ACROSS THE COUNTRY DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK WITH A 3-MONTH OLD BABY!!!!!!". What were we thinking. I'm not ready to do this, not ready to put Ethan and Daniel and myself through the hell of jet lag and being off our routines and WE HAVE TO BE THAT COUPLE WITH THE BABY ON THE PLANE!!! People are going to stare at us in the gate area and mentally will the gate agents to make us sit as far away from them as possible. Preferably in a soundproof booth or somewhere on the wing of the plane.

Okay, I'm going to make a list of the things that I'm freaking out about.
1. Ethan need naps. He naps best when it's quiet and we're home, because he likes to watch people and loves lights. Therefore, the airplane is going to be fascinating to him and he's not going to want to nap, which is going to lead to screaming.

2. I have to breastfeed. In public. With some stranger sitting in the airplane seat next to me.

3. We have to get through security with 2 diaper bags, 1 baby bjorn, 1 laptop (Daniel needs it for work), 2 adults who have to remove shoes, belts, etc., at least 1 bottle of breast milk (which I have to declare separately in the security line), Daniel's evil Blackberry and all the other contents of his pockets, and one very wiggly baby.

4. We only have an hour to connect in Cincinnati on our way out and an hour to connect in Atlanta on our way back.

5. Daniel has to drop Ethan and I off at the airport and go park the car off-site, since we aren't taking Ethan's car seat and I don't want to ride in the parking shuttle with him unsecured. I just hate letting Daniel out of my sight when I'm already stressed. I've been flying my whole life, have made multiple trips across the globe by myself, to countries where I don't speak the language and I've always been fine. But adding one 12 pound person into the mix just makes it a whole new ballgame.

6. Our cat sitter is amazing and great and the cats love her more than us, but I still hate leaving my furbabies for 5 days.

We'll be fine. I know that. We'll get to the airport way too early to be sure that we have oodles of time for parking the car, check-in, security, and getting food. And I cant do anything about the connection time. I'm just going to be so glad when this travel is done and we're safe and sound in Roanoke!


Karen said...

I would rather travel with a 3 month old than older baby or child any day of the week.

A couple of ideas to throw out to you:

1. Don't be nervous, the more tense you are the more agitated your baby will become. Try to be flexible and roll with whatever he needs. Getting a little off schedule is okay, I promise. Take things one at a time as they come and try not to stress out if things aren't going perfectly according to schedule or your plans. Trust me, I'm a recovered sleep schedule nazi.

2. If people don't like crying, SO WHAT. It's going to happen. Babies do that sort of thing.

3. Put a binky in or nurse him during take off. It really does help with the elevation changes.

4. Have fun! When else do you get to spend totally focused time on with your husband and baby? No phone! No television! No work! Who cares if it takes place on an airplane! :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Pam said...

You will be great! I had to make my way through DIA with my 4 kids - 4 mos, 4 years, 7 years and 10 years and they did great! Kids seem to know when they need to step up to the plate and help out and they did. Even the baby:) My husband was at a conference and I had to head home for an unexpected funeral so it was just me and the kids. The elevator I needed was broken and the security man just looked at me, scooped up Little D and then the kind woman behind me took Peanut and the rest of us picked up our stuff and the stroller and hucked it up the escalator. People were more then happy to help:)

Tip on the shoes - wear flip flops or sandals with no socks and put a pair of regular shoes/socks in your carry on if you want to. Makes security much easier. Empty your pockets before you even get there and have Daniel throw all his tech stuff into one bag - not his pockets.

And I'm with Karen on the nursing and binky. It really does help and who cares what anyone else thinks. It's not like you're going topless the whole plane ride:) If you're really worried about the baby crying you might ask your doctor if there is something like benadryl or the travel sickness medicine you could give him before the flight to help him. I don't remember off hand what age they need to be to take any of that stuff.

You'll be fine:) And just think about getting to spend the holiday with family and friends - it's all worth it:) Can't wait to hear all about it!