Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My poor dad

One of the major drawbacks of traveling with children is that they require stuff. Lots of stuff. I'm very much in the "travel with as little stuff as is humanly possible" school of thought. When my best friend and I spent a week in Spain, we managed to each take only a tiny little carry-on suitcase.

But now I have to practically use a forklift to load my car with all the paraphernalia that we need for a week-long trip. This does not amuse me.

Thankfully, my parents have decided to purchase a car seat for their home in Virginia, so that we don't have to drag our infant car seat across the country next week. Hurray! My mom and I have both spent the day today looking at car seat reviews and trying to find the most affordable and safe car seat that we can find. And we managed that, and I think she's headed out now to pick one up.

Which then will leave the car seat responsibility in my dad's hands. And, horror of horrors, he's going to have to read the instruction manual. Which is about as terrifying for him as traveling with lots of stuff is to me. And I've also requested that, after he subjects himself to reading instructions, they take the car in to have their installation checked at a fire station. I'm pretty sure that asking a man to both read the instructions and admit to someone else that his work may not be 100% right and that it needs to be checked... well, it's pretty much a mental emasculation.

But it's all for Ethan's sake, and we all adore Ethan. So we'll continue with packing giant piles of "stuff" and admitting that we might need to read instructions and ask input from others. I'm adding this to the list of things for which he owes me. Big time.


BJ said...

ha,ha. Great post!

Sleeping Mommy said...

See, my mom would just break down and refuse to do it. Period. If it requires something that she might not feel comfortable or confident doing--then forget it. And she won't ask for help either. Just forget it.

And I wonder where my oldest gets it from.

Have a safe trip!

Andrea said...

Hehehe. I can't get the hubby to read instructions, either, which is why I've taken to putting things together while he's out of the house.

Kudos for knowing to sent them to the fire station to have the installation checked. It's amazing how few people actually get theirs checked!