Sunday, November 4, 2007

Half-way through the weekend

I feel like it should be Monday today- we did so much yesterday that it felt like we used up the whole weekend!

The highlight of the day yesterday was when my husband got up early, got ready and LEFT WITH THE BABY!!! For 2.5 hours!!! He went to meet a good friend of his and his friend's baby for coffee. It was the first time Daniel had gone out alone with Ethan, and the first time I've been alone in the condo without the baby. It was so quiet and peaceful. Lovely. I slept for about 30 minutes, then got up and rushed around doing miscellaneous things that I never get done. Including getting all my photo albums up to date. It's so nice to have the pictures in the albums instead of balanced in piles on top of the albums :)

Did a bunch of other things yesterday and then wrapped up the evening by (I cant believe I'm admitting this) watching Legally Blonde- the Musical on MTV. It was actually really cute and funny, and I don't normally like musicals. We also had a long discussion last night about balancing work and family time, but that wasn't cute or funny, so it's not as much fun to write about.

Ethan seems to be going through some sort of massive growth spurt. He's eating every 2 hours, massive volumes. I'm trying to get in as much water as I can- I'm afraid my supply isn't going to keep up with his demand! We've only had to defrost one bag of milk from my stash so far though, so that's nice.

Gotta run- need to clean the litter box and then get ready for church. Another busy day ahead today!


Sleeping Mommy said...

What a good dad! It's so nice to have your husband take the baby for some one on one time and give you some alone time. Soak it in when you can.

BJ said...

Oh I'm so glad you had that break. Although I admit you're a better woman than I am. I would have slept the WHOLE TIME!

carrie said...

Whaaaaaa? There's a Legally Blonde musical? And I missed it?

carrie said...

Oh yeah, I am glad you got a little "me" time! :)