Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The end of a very nice day

Daniel realized the other day that he has 140 hours of vacation time left for the year (and he will lose it all if he doesnt use it!), so he took today off to spend with Ethan and I. We had a lovely day. Ethan didnt sleep well last night, so we were up. A lot. But that's so much less annoying when I'm not worrying about Daniel having to be functional the next day. We had a nice morning, and I made it to the gym (hurray!), then we headed out on the bus to downtown.

At the bus stop we met the nicest lady- she lives in the retirement home one block from our place. She is 86 and still riding the bus around the city. She was headed to Macy's to find a nice outfit for a family wedding. What a precious lady and so much fun to chat with.
We had a lovely lunch at a Thai place in Pike Place Market, did a little shopping at Cost Plus World Market (one of my 3 favorite stores), and then headed to the Seattle Aquarium. I missed a Seattle Mom Blogs outing to the aquarium last week :( so was happy when Daniel suggested that we go there today. We hadnt been since the new part of the aquarium was opened. It's really beautiful. And not crowded on a Tuesday afternoon, which was lovely. It was just so nice to have a leisurely afternoon with my boys.

Daniel did end up on one work call when we got home tonight, but I'll let that slide. I know it's hard for him to be away mid-week. Taking a day off just means he'll be more buried with work tomorrow, but hopefully this time helped him to be able to relax and recharge a bit. He works so hard.

Anyway, that was my nice day. And I hear my little one, up from his nap, so I better run!

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