Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear God, is it still Friday?

Daniel's got my sickness now. He has a sore throat and no voice, which is where I was last Saturday. I'm on to the slight fever and earache part of the illness. I hate to still be sick- it's going to depress him, seeing how far he has to go before he's going to get well! Thank goodness, Ethan still seems fine. He's probably saving his germs for Monday, when we're on the plane :)

So, today I spent the day researching car seats and convincing Daniel to come work from home this afternoon so that I could get out before Seattle traffic made it impossible to actually make my way to any of the local Targets. I ended up at a Target in a part of town that I had never seen before, and that I prefer to never see again. I bought a car seat and some cat urine remover spray. Used the spray on the infant car seat. It sort-of worked, the smell is very minor. But I think we're going to stick with the new car seat anyway, and stick the infant seat in the closet for train trips and such.

Ethan's new car seat is like a baby throne. Seriously, the kid is going to be begging me to take him on car trips. The car seat is the most luxurious thing I've seen in a long time. We put him in there to test it out, and he gave us a look that said "I'm so glad you finally caught on to the type of amenities that I prefer from now on." I just really hope that it fits in the car when Daniel goes to install it tomorrow.


carrie said...

Sorry to hear you were sick, I hope you're better now and that it makes it's way QUICKLY past your husband with not too much lingering.

Ugh! The car seat conundrum! Sound like you have a solid plan now, though.

Happy travelling!

Karen said...

I love buying baby equipment. I am such an easy sell. I have to really discipline myself! All that to say, yay for a new carseat!