Friday, November 16, 2007

Ah, Friday

It's a lovely, rainy Friday morning in Seattle. I'm trying to decide whether to spend the day packing (boo) or to head out to wander around the mall and do some shopping (yeah!). I've been piling things on the table all week, but that's the extent of the packing so far. I keep hoping for the magic packing fairies to show up and take care of things for me. No sign of them yet.

Jenny the cat is still mad at us about something. She hopped up on the bed this morning and was about to wet on the bed again. Sigh. I know it's not a health problem with her (we've had her checked out by the vet), but I'm not sure how to make her stop wetting.

There's really very little worth blogging about going on here. We did finally get out of the house yesterday to go to my church new moms' group, which was nice. Other than that, our days have passed in a haze of coughing and sneezing. And trying to figure out how many outfits to pack for each of us in our carry-on bags. I have a feeling there's little chance that we're all three going to make it all the way to Virginia in the clothes that we leave Seattle in. Not with Mr. Poop and Spit-up Boy on hand.

Well, it sounds like I have a messy diaper to attend to. Then it's off to the mall (packing didn't stand a chance).

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