Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not about the baby

My best girlfriend met a guy almost three years ago. And dated him for a couple of years. During which time he failed to endear himself to any of her friends or family. We all tried to like him, but none of us succeeded. In fact, the longer he was around, the more I disliked him. I think it's safe to say that I dislike him more than I've ever disliked anyone in my life. He treated my friend like crap- giving her just enough to make her stay, and emotionally manipulating her into putting up with his bad behavior. When she tried to express her feelings, he would accuse her of being selfish or mean. She would try to make compromises on things that were important to her, only to lose the battle entirely.

Earlier this year, she finally managed to cut the ties to him. Which was excruciatingly hard for her, as she is a sweet, caring person. And she truly loved him. Thankfully, the jerk was too lazy to really pursue things too much, and we thought she was finally rid of him.

Then he came back. And now my friend is confused and upset and scared. And, I fear, in danger of getting back into a relationship with this guy. Which cannot possibly lead to anything good.

I'm really scared for her. I just wish he'd tried to start this all again back when I was still pregnant. I was much crankier and hormonal then, and I would have totally kicked his butt.

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Karen said...

Sounds like a really abusive guy. Someone I love is married to a person like this. It's painful to watch and even more painful to feel so helpless.