Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My way of coping with baby stress (not a recommendation)

So, here's how I've been coping with baby stress lately. It seems to have gotten worse since I decided to try to get back on track with my points counting.

Get up at 3 AM- baby's crying. Grab a cookie on my way to feed him.

Get up at 7 AM- feed baby. Make coffee. So far so good. Eat 3 pumpkin muffins while waiting for coffee to finish. Already in trouble for the day.

9 AM. Finished with feeding/changing/talking to baby. Drink the relatively healthy fruit smoothie that my husband made before he left for work. Follow it up with waffles.

Manage not to eat again until noon. Get up to go into kitchen to do something. Cant remember what. Instead get a bowl of pita chips.

1 PM- lunch

2-4 PM- randomly snack whenever I feel bored or when the baby cries.

5 PM- pre dinner snack! Usually more pita chips.

7 PM- dinner

8-10 PM- dessert. Followed by another snack. Followed by a second dessert.

Sigh. This is all especially frustrating because I know how to lose weight and how to eat healthy. I just don't want to now. But then I get frustrated because my clothes don't fit and I have no energy. I'm really hoping to get on track soon. I'm joining a weight loss challenge from another Seattle Mom Blogger. Maybe that will spur me to action.

Okay, gotta go. I convinced my husband to buy cake when he stopped by the store, and he just got home. Love that man!

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