Friday, October 26, 2007

I never thought I would be that woman

I've read people's blogs and comments on moms' message boards where they are bemoaning the fact that their little babies are outgrowing their clothes and it's so hard to put the too-small clothes away. I was completely, 100% convinced that I could never feel that way. I hate having "stuff" in the condo and the fact that Ethan currently owns more clothes than I do- that stresses me. Or rather, used to stress me. I thought I would be thrilled when he outgrew his newborn sized clothes and could start wearing the 3 month size.

People- he's outgrowing his newborn clothes! And they're so cute and I cant believe he's getting big so fast and he's already ready for the 3 month clothes. I just finished going through piles of clothes in his room and sorting out what to pass on to friends and I practically had to tear myself away from the adorable little piles of onesies that he looked SO cute in! :( In truth, he still could probably wear some of the newborn sizes for a bit longer, but he has tons of 3 month clothes, and those fit a little better. So it's time to pass on the newborn clothes. But I don't want to.

In other news- we're working on getting on a better sleep schedule. So far the idea of not letting him stay up for more than 2 hours at a time seems to be working. I think I was letting him get a little overtired before. He's napping really well now. The other nice side benefit of the baby sleeping more often and going to bed earlier is that Daniel misses holding him in the evening, and actually begged me to let him get up with Ethan at 6 AM today. Um, yes!! I got to sleep until 8!

We're going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to that. Gorgeous weather again here in Seattle, so it should be great fun.


BJ said...

ugh. I just typed out a whole comment, and it disappeared. I've experienced the same bittersweetness of passing into a new stage. Glad to hear you're sleeping better. And have a GREAT weekend. We're in need of rain desperately, and the forecast is calling for it all weekend.

carrie said...

I used to cry when they'd outgrow clothes too!

Have fun at the Pumpkin Patch -- make sure to take lots of pictures!

Stephanie said...

We're going to the pumpkin patch too!

Occidental Girl said...

It happens fast, the growing up. Of course, the older they get the more they sleep so, something good comes of it!

Andrea said...

I didn't think I'd be that woman, either, but I just put away Tree Faerie's 6 month clothing and still got a bit sappy over it.

Advice for shots (I went back and read some of your old posts) - as soon as you get home from his 4-month shots, put Vicks Vaporub on his thighs (the shot site). I used the Baby Vicks, and it still worked. I didn't believe it until I tried it.

Just a random fly-by from Blogher Ads. Thanks for the entertainment!

Heather said...

I saved one or two outfits from each of my boys that were extra cute and have special memories. I've heard of people taking some of the other clothes and turning them into quilts. Cute idea, but I imagine expensive. We might do this with our boys' sports jerseys.