Monday, October 1, 2007

I hope she's getting hugs

When I was in my early 20s, I worked for a year in Ukraine. During my time there, I spent some afternoons at one of the local children's hospitals, hanging out with kids who had been abandoned by their families or orphaned, kids who were HIV positive. These babies spent all their time in a large room, with little human contact. My friends and I would go and hold the babies and play with the toddlers. Nothing fancy, just spending time with them. Their faces still haunt my memories.

Since then, I've always had it on my heart that I would like to adopt someday. When I met Daniel and mentioned it to him, he agreed that he would really like to adopt as well. He said that if we did adopt a child, he would reach the end of his days feeling like he had done something important.

The stress of the pregnancy and delivery with Ethan did nothing to change our minds about adoption. We have no plans to have any more biological children, and intend to start working on adopting a little girl from China this February, when we will have been married for the 2 years required by the Chinese government. Adopting from China seems to be the logical choice for us, given that Daniel is a first generation immigrant, and we would have a step up in keeping a Chinese daughter fairly close to her birth culture.

She's on my mind a lot these days, as I watch Ethan grow up. If we adopt next year, we could be adopting a child who's about to be born, or who is an infant right now. So I wonder- is she getting the care she needs, the food she needs, the attention she needs. I see how much Ethan needs physical contact with Daniel and I- I see how much better he sleeps on the nights when we've been holding him and cuddling him during the day and how he can be so quickly calmed from being upset when we pick him up. I worry about our future daughter- wonder if someone is picking her up when she cries. I hope someone is taking good care of her. I hope she's getting some hugs.


MamaBear at Potter Place said...

What a precious post. You should start a scrapbook now of letters to your daughter, written before you even see her face or know her name.

We have many couples in our church who have adopted from China, and just hearing their amazing stories of how God has grown their families through adoption makes me believe that He has his hand on your daughter even now. He will give her everything that she needs for her physical, mental, and emotional development until she is placed in your arms to be nurtured by you and Daniel.

Getting to "know" Ethan throug your blog has been so much fun! I look forward to reading about this next adventure in your journey.

Karen said...

Oh Carrie, this is beautiful. I too believe that God has his hands on your sweet girl. :) What an exciting way to grow your family.

kimi said...

you HAVE to go read my friends blog

they just adopted a little girl and she put her WHOLE adventure up there and she has TONS of resources.

So exciting!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Kimi, I'll go take a look!