Monday, October 22, 2007


I need to find something to do today. Preferably out of the condo. I just called Daniel and whined to him that I was bored. He did not have any suggestions that I approved of. You can only walk around Seattle Center so many times before that gets old. Especially by yourself. It's just not that interesting. I like walking, but I prefer having someone along to talk to, to distract myself from the fact that I'm exercising.

In related news, feeling fat today. I think I ate everything in the fridge this morning. Not a great way to start this weight loss challenge that I'm participating in. I may have to not be a part of that after all- I'm tired of being stuck at this weight, but I don't know if I'm ready to employ the discipline that it takes to actually do something about that. And diets are a waste of time without that mental discipline.

I'm lonely today too. Being a mom at home with a baby is not a job with great conversation. No water cooler and no one to gossip around it with. Ethan's way behind on pop culture, so he's useless. :)


BJ said...

So sorry you're having a blah day. (((hugs))) I hope you find something to do that is interesting. Does your local library have a mom & baby storytime? What about a playgroup? Even once a week made a big difference for me.

Karen said...

when my oldest was little and I was adjusting to being at home alone all day I used to make a point to get out at least once per day whether it was alone when Hubs got home or with the baby. even if it was just to McDonald's to go through the drive-thru for a Coke it was something. It helped.

I'm glad that your day started looking up after this.

Stephanie said...

Hey, you should totally come with us sometime to the children's museum. Obviously your little one wouldn't be able to play, but hey, you'd have someone to talk to!