Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today's PEPS group meeting was great. There were 8 other moms there with their new babies, ranging from a month old up to 11 weeks. We had a great time swapping stories and oohing and ahhing over each others' babies. As usual, my nervousness over talking to strangers was unnecessary, as everyone in the group seemed to be really sweet and friendly. Ethan slept through most of the meeting- he likes to act quiet and well behaved in public, that way people think I'm crazy when I talk about him crying :)

I was holding Ethan early this morning after his feeding and was struck by how much he completely trusts me. He is so content - dozing quietly, and occasionally opening his eyes to check and make sure that it's still a familiar face attached to the arms holding him. It's very humbling and a little scary to have someone trust you that much. It's a big responsibility. God has blessed Daniel and I with such a beautiful little boy. It's still amazing to me that he's a real little person- one with his own personality and one who will have a life and hopes and dreams completely of his own. These little new lives are so incredible.

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