Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday nights

Sunday nights are kind of hard now. On the weekend, my life goes back to being 75% like what it was before Ethan's birth. I hang out with my husband, we run errands, go to Target, see friends, clean, etc. All the same things we did before the baby came, just with more breaks to nurse the baby and with many more poopy diapers than in our pre-baby life.

But, on Sunday nights, I always have the realization that on Monday morning, my life returns to the "new" life. A life that revolves around loading and emptying the dishwasher and cooking dinner, and doing laundry and maybe-just maybe, fixing my hair, putting on makeup and going to the grocery store. And, truthfully, I still dont know this Monday-Friday woman, and I'm not entirely comfortable with her. Hopefully I'll get to know her soon and will be excited to return to this life on Monday mornings. But I'm not there just yet.


BJ said...

Carrie, I'm 7&1/2 yrs. into this Monday-Friday woman thing, and I still struggle. Life is busy, but sometimes busy isn't enough. I've been discussing ways I can do something that just gives me a bit of breathing room. Right now, whatever I do, Baby comes along as she is a breast-fed baby, but that's ok. I just need to break up the monotony somehow. A break from the kids and the demand. I have found it doesn't take that much time to bring me back to a place of peace and contentment. The plan is that I will go out on Wednesday afternoons, and continue on with my Wednesday evening craft night with a friend. So instead of rushing out the door once hubby gets home, and only having a couple of hours with my friend, I can

BJ said...

Oops the message got cut off.

I was saying, I can have a whole afternoon to do whatever, have a peaceful dinner on my own or with my friend, and then be at her house in good time to work on whatever project it is we have going.