Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Successful expedition

Ethan sees himself in his car mirror.

Today Ethan and I went shopping- we managed to go to Home Depot and Lowes, the post office and Ross. Ethan was really well behaved, until we were in the car to head home, when he dropped his pacifier and had a total meltdown. I cant really blame him though- he'd been trying to nap all afternoon, and his mean mommy kept taking his carseat in and out of the car. He's sleeping soundly now though, which means I might have a chance to eat dinner like a normal person, instead of at my normal speed-eating champion pace. The kid has some sort of second sense to know exactly when I pick up a fork or lie down on the bed. It inevitably triggers crying and demands for food.

The Ross shopping trip reinforced a horrible realization. Nothing is in the right place on my body. The c-section seems to have left my normal belly fat shoved into a smaller area, my hips apparently expanded with the pregnancy, and lets not even get into the issues in my top half. I have two pairs of pants that fit, and that's it. And even though I'm at the same weight I was pre-Weight Watchers, the few clothes that I saved from my fat life don't fit, since the fat is not in the same place. I'm a little discouraged by this and by the refusal of the number on my scale to budge at all. But, given my current snacking habits while home alone during the day, I cant be too upset. I'm seeing a bunch of old friends in a little less than 4 weeks, and would like to have at least one cute outfit that fits me well. But that would involve me not self-medicating with cake and cookies, so I seriously doubt that's going to happen.

In response to comments on my Monday post- yes, Daniel changes poopy diapers. When he's home, they're his responsibility, at least most of the time. I try not to overwhelm him with baby chores when he is home, since he's so stressed at work these days and does need to rest. But he does take over probably 60% of the diaper changes and baby cuddling when he's home. He really doesn't mind. He even took a Daddy Boot Camp class before Ethan was born, so that he'd know how to do all these baby care tasks. And he's really good at them at this point! I had no idea that he was so unusual- I need to thank him tonight for being so sweet and helping me out so much!

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JaniceNW said...

You'll get more of your bady back. The c-section takes forever to copletely heal and my scar still itches 12 years later once in a while. Don't get discouraged.