Friday, September 14, 2007

My baby is an evil genius

I've suspected this for a while now, and am secretly a little proud, since I have a touch of the evil genius in me. I got confirmation of the evil genius this morning. Ethan was a good sleeper last night, from about 9 PM to 2:15 AM. Then he decided to stay awake and fuss until 5 AM. He'd been fed, changed, burped, changed again, fed again, changed again, fed again, and nothing seemed to soothe him. He finally fell asleep at 5, and woke up again at 7. I was fairly tired still, so at around 8 AM, I tried to put him in the pack and play so that I could nap on the couch for an hour or so. He was asleep when I put him down, I laid down on the couch, and immediately, he started crying. Again, I picked him up, comforted him, he fell back asleep, I laid down on the couch and again, immediate crying. This continued until around 8:45, when I decided to take advantage of Daniel still being home, and got dressed. I came out of the bedroom, Ethan took one look at me, and promptly fell asleep in his pack and play. With no effort. He just wanted to be sure that I was up for the day before he slept.

He also has the fun trick of screaming for a prolonged period of time, then when Daniel calls to check on us, immediately quieting down, so that Daniel thinks I'm crazy when I say the baby's been crying for a long time.

I'm being mentally outwitted by a 5 week old. This is sad.


Pam said...

Too funny:) It may sound totally strange but I swear, especially if you are nursing, that your baby can smell you. Seriously, my babies would sleep soundly in the hospital nursery, but when left with me they'd be up forever. And when we got home, if I put them in their own room to sleep, they would sleep for a few hours at a time, but in our room - it was the same constant battle of pick up, hold, fall asleep, put to bed, lie down, close eyes and just drift off - CRY!

mary said...

he's just SOOO smart!

kate said...

Not sad. Totally normal. It gets better! :)