Monday, September 10, 2007


Daniel's on the way home- should be arriving any minute! As usual, I have a number of reasons why this excites me. 1) I haven't spoken to anyone since 10:30 AM at the grocery store. 2) he's going to bring the mail in with him, and I'm expecting a baby present from a friend. And possibly a check from my short-term disability insurance. 3) I think Ethan has a dirty diaper.

Ethan had his one-month appointment today. Everything looks great. And he's up to almost 8 pounds! He's looking so big these days- it's amazing what a difference 2 pounds makes. I spend a lot of time looking at him and feeling bad for all of the women who push out 8+ pound children. I don't know how you do it. He's still a full pound below the birth weight of the baby of some friends of ours, and he seems so huge. Ouch.

Church was great yesterday. Ethan managed to make it through the worship time with no problems, then started to squirm. Dirty diaper and he was hungry. We'd brought along a bottle of pumped milk, so Daniel took him out in the hall to feed him and change his diaper. At one point I heard screaming from the hallway, but chose to pretend like I didn't know it was my son. I later felt guilty about this, when my pastor made a point in his sermon about how God cares for us. He said "it's like it is for you parents. You're not going to hear your child crying and do nothing about it." Um, unless it's Sunday, and it's your husband's day to deal with poop and screaming. Then you might ignore your child's crying.

The sermon was about prayer, and I'm really glad I was around to hear it. It's one of the things I struggle with most in my faith- spending the time with God that I need to spend. Right now I have no excuse- I sit on a couch for a great number of hours each day, and could be spending the time praying and reading, rather than watching TV. My life is definitely out of balance in that area.

Ethan's making scary diaper noises. I hope Daniel hurries up!


Karen said...

Wow, you two switch off poopy diaper days? That's impressive.

kate said...

Amen, Karen. I don't think my husband has changed more than a couple dozen diapers in almost 2.5 years!

Carrie - so glad the nursing pads worked!