Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday morning musings

Pretty good weekend- the in-laws came to visit on Saturday for a few hours. I found out that, according to Chinese tradition, you should never tell a baby/child that he/she is cute or beautiful or anything like that. Instead, Chinese parents tell their children that they are ugly. I cant remember what the reasoning behind that was, but, thankfully, my in-laws don't agree with that custom. Of course, Ethan is so cute that it would be hard to ever say anything different to him!

Yesterday I had a lovely few hours of shopping in downtown Seattle by myself, while Daniel stayed home with the munchkin. I was able to find a pair of pants that fit, which is good, since I only had two pairs at home. And we're heading to Idaho next weekend for a reunion with a bunch of my old friends, so I need clothes!

Then, last night, Daniel went alone to a special church service. I would have liked to go and hear the speaker, but I decided to be realistic and not waste the time and energy dragging myself and Ethan out in public again. I'm glad I didn't, as he was really fussy last night, and we wouldn't have heard any of the service anyway.

Yesterday's events brought the reality of things home to Daniel and I a bit more though. We've been really blessed for the past couple of years to be able to spend time together with little effort. We would ride the bus together in the mornings to work, sometimes meet up for lunch, meet at the gym after work and exercise together, ride the bus home, then spend the evening together. Now I'm home all day while he works, and when he gets home in the evening, one of us is generally doing something on the computer, while the other person plays with Ethan. Our weekends, which always used to be spent together, are now a little more separate as well. So, we're beginning to realize that we're going to actually have to put some effort into reconnecting and making our marriage a priority. Which we knew, but didn't entirely comprehend.

Well, I smell a poopy diaper, so I better close.


Karen said...

It's a balancing act, alright.

Glad you got some shopping time in on your own. Where in Idaho will be you be going?

Carrie said...

Going to Sandpoint- some friends of mine have a house there. I've heard it's gorgeous in that area, so am looking forward to the drive.

Karen said...

Yes, I've heard that too. Enjoy your time away!

I was hoping maybe your drive was further south, maybe we could meet up. :)