Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy birthday, Daniel!

Today is my beloved's 40th birthday. He still looks about 25, so it's hard to accept that he's really reached the big 4-0. It's going to be a quiet birthday, given my lack of energy for planning anything. Just dinner at home with the cranky baby (steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus) and a cake that I made yesterday. Black Forest. Hopefully it'll turn out to be okay- I haven't made one before and don't really like black forest cake, so didn't even have much idea of what I was doing.

In other news, I had my 6-week postpartum appointment today. All went well. Afterwards, I came home, found some interesting exercise shows on On Demand cable and did those. It felt good to get moving again. Even the abdominal exercises went well, so I think I'm pretty much completely recovered from the c-section.

Our younger cat is bugging me while I write this. She's a bit of a pest today. I need to figure out a way to get her and Ethan to entertain each other, so that I can get chores done around the house.

I promised to blog about my trip to my grandmother's house. It was a good trip. Weird in a couple of ways. My grandmother is 81, but is a fairly young 81. Still gets around pretty well, no major health problems, and looks about 10 years younger. I never think of her as old, because she was always the young, healthy grandmother. My dad's mom was always the "old" grandmother- hard of hearing, cancer survivor, lots of health problems. But my mom's mom has always seemed fairly ageless to me. This weekend when I was at her house though, I looked at the side of the fridge, and saw a DNR order taped up. And she's starting to have more minor health problems, ones that could become serious in the future. She's getting old, whether I am willing to accept it or not. I also realized that Ethan probably wont get to have my grandmother around for too much of his life. That's a little hard for me to accept.

Seriously, this cat is driving me nuts. She hasn't stopped walking on me/the computer since I sat down. And every time I get up, she attacks my feet and follows me very closely. You should have seen her when I was doing the workouts. She was going crazy trying to watch and attack my feet as I jumped around the living room. For that matter, you should have seen me trying to jump around the living room. Not a pretty sight. Hopefully I can keep up with the exercising, both at home and the gym. Having only two pairs of pants to wear is getting old.

Well, Daniel's on his way home, so I need to go get dinner ready. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


mary said...

Sounds like a nice birthday! I don't even cook dinner for my hubby's b-day (although I made a killer caramel cake) and we don't have a baby!

I can't believe Ethan is 6 weeks!!!

Karen said...

Cranky or not, that baby is BEEYOOTIFUL.