Sunday, September 9, 2007

Amusing conversations that took place during my parents' visit

1. The scene- my living room. My dad and I are sitting at the dining room table, chatting.

Dad- You know, when Ethan gets bigger, we're going to let him do whatever he wants. He's not going to have to follow any of those rules that you kids had to follow when you were growing up.
Me- Um, okay. **Thinking- 1) Um, they were YOUR rules, not mine. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get away with breaking the rules. 2) My brother and I turned out pretty well because of the silly rules.

2. The scene- hallway of our condo building, waiting for the elevator. Dad is holding Ethan in his carseat, and decides to start swinging the carseat back and forth rather wildly.

Me- Could you please not swing the baby quite so much, he just ate and is looking a little ill.
Dad- You're no fun. (to the baby)- Your mom doesn't want us to have any fun.
Me- Yes, that's right. But I'm the mom now and I get to make the decisions. (Me, now standing quietly as a shocking realization dawns on me- I'M THE MOM and my parents now have to do whatever I say, at least in relation to Ethan. And- my dad always said that I could do what I want when it's my house and I pay the mortgage. And it IS my house! And they're visiting me! And they have to follow my rules. *Insert evil laughter here. Just in my head though. Too bad I'm too tired to take advantage of this situation.

3. The scene. My living room. My parents sitting on the couch.

Mom- I want to hold the baby. You've been holding the baby for hours. It's my turn.
Dad- I haven't had him for hours, just a few minutes. It's not your turn. It's still my turn.
Me- Dad, can you let Mom have a turn with the baby. You can have him back later.
Dad- That's not fair.
Me- Well, life's not fair. (After which I paused in horror, realizing that I have been a mom for just a few weeks and already am involuntarily spouting "mom-phrases")

It's Sunday- we're actually going to church today! Unless the baby has a melt-down in the next hour. I'm really looking forward to getting out and socializing a bit. It's been too long since we made it to church. I slept pretty well last night- we got a baby monitor yesterday and actually moved back into our own bedroom. Daniel apparently spent a lot of the night awake, listening to the monitor in case Ethan cried. I just slept. The monitor worked great- I woke up when the baby cried without any problem, and I think Ethan got back to sleep after his feedings quicker when he was alone in his room without us making noise. Hopefully he'll continue to not mind sleeping alone. It's great to be back in our comfy bed instead of sleeping on the murphy bed in Ethan's room. I'm too old to be away from the Tempurpedic mattress!


kyouell said...

Oh, we have had a heck of a time with grandparents and their odd desire to feed our babies strange solid foods way too early. A 1-month-old should not be eating strawberry pie or drinking beer or Mike's Hard Lemonade! What are they thinking?

I think that you having to make your parents be fair and take turns holding Ethan is adorable!

We have had the opposite experience with our kids as far as sleeping in our room. They do better hearing us breathing, etc. than alone. In fact our daughter is even more extreme in that she has a hard time napping if she isn't touching me. At night (in the dark) she does much better. But as soon as the sun starts rising, she's tossing & turning in her cradle again.

Hey, I should post some of this on my blog! :-D

Karen said...

No kidding, K. It's been way to long since I've read some good Biscuit and Cupcake posts.

I love it that your parents were fighting like kids over the baby, too. I love watching our parents dote and adore my kids. I love watching my kids dote and adore on my parents even more.